My rebate is declined for Sales receipt AND eye exam missing

Community Manager

My rebate is declined for Sales receipt AND eye exam missing

Your rebate is declined as we were not able to verify your contact lens purchase and your eye exam/lens fitting based on the documentation you provided.  

The program terms and conditions require that you get an eye exam and/or contact lens fitting from your eye care professional and purchase an annual supply of qualifying contact lenses.  Rebate submissions must be made (and postmarked, if by mail) within sixty (60) days of purchase and no more than ninety (90) days after eye exam/lens fitting.

We require an itemized receipt that includes:

  • Purchase location
  • Purchase date
  • Brand/type of contact lenses purchased
  • Number of boxes purchased
  • Patient Information
  • Eye exam or lens fitting documentation (with date)

To substitute documentation, please visit and use the "Check existing Claim" option. You will be asked to supply your claim number and the email address on the application. Once your claim has been located, you may add additional documentation via upload. Please ensure you select "Update Claim" once completed.

Please continue to monitor the status of the rebate online frequently.  You have 30 days from your first decline notification to adjust your claim.