My rebate is on hold for incomplete invoice

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My rebate is on hold for incomplete invoice

This means that required details are missing from the invoice that has been provided with the rebate application. For us to continue validating the rebate for fullfillment we require an updated copy of the purchase invoice which meets all requirements.


Please ensure you provide a copy of the purchase invoice that clearly shows all purchase details. You can do this by visiting and using the "Check Existing Claim" option. You will be asked to supply your claim number and the email address on the application. Once your claim has been located, you may update the serial number for each appliance. Please ensure you select "Update Claim" once completed.

Here is a helpful list of all the details we will be looking to validate in order to fulfill the rebate.


Your invoice must include:


Purchase Date
Invoice Number
Name and Mailing Address
Purchase Price
Model number(s)
Valid serial number(s) provided on application not required on the purchase invoice.

Please ensure you review the terms and conditions of the rebate program you have applied to for further details.