My reward is on hold for blank or hard to read invoice

Community Manager

My reward is on hold for blank or hard to read invoice

This means that your reward is temporarily on hold as the invoice that has been provided with the reward application is blank or hard to read. Once we receive a valid invoice for the tire purchase we will be able to continue processing the reward for fulfillment. Please ensure that all details on the invoice can be read clearly when zooming in.


To provide a purchase invoice please visit and use the "Check Your Claim status" option. You will be asked to supply your claim number and the email address on the application. Once your claim has been located, you may add additional documentation via 'Upload'. Please ensure you select "Update Claim" once completed.


Here is a helpful list of all the details we will be looking to validate in order to fulfill the claim.


Your invoice must include:

  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Price and Quantity (total cost of tires not including mounting, balancing, installation, fees or taxes must be shown)
  • Name and Address
  • Product purchased
  • Retailer Information

Please ensure you review the terms and conditions of the promotion you have applied to for further details.