On Hold: Duplicate serial number

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On Hold: Duplicate serial number

This means that your rebate is temporarily on hold because the serial number provided duplicates with another rebate submitted.


Please confirm first that the serial numbers provided for the appliances are correct, you can visit www.geappliancepromotions.com, select 'check existing claim' to confirm. If you have not taken delivery of your appliances and do not have the serial numbers, please ensure that the serial numbers are added to the application online by the rebate expiration date outlined on the application form. The rebate will remain on hold until the serial numbers are provided.


It is also recommended that you confirm how many rebates you have applied for. For every rebate application submitted you will receive an email with a claim reference code. If it is more than 1 per appliance please review the terms and conditions of the rebate promotion to ensure that they can be combined.

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